Golden Breath American Tai Chi™

Golden Breath™ is a modern system that has developed its own personality in the USA while still paying respect to older Chinese forms. The Golden Breath™ movements work for virtually everyone, even those with disabilities.

classWhy is Golden Breath™ unique?

Golden Breath Tai Chi™ was designed to be practiced by all individuals regardless of physical limitations. The principle behind Golden Breath™ is that the distribution and flow of "chi" (or universal life force energy) throughout the body will be improved by coordinating certain physical movements with the breath flow. When these slow, fluid movements synchronize the breath and the body, the chi levels and the chi flow are adjusted in a way that is optimum for each practitioner to restore health, release emotional burdens, and refresh his or her outlook on life.

Golden Breath Tai Chi™ has been taught widely to people with disabilities, medical conditions, in some medical settings. Golden Breath™ concentrates on breathing and movement above the waist, so the movements can be practiced even by those confined to wheelchairs. The movements are more accessible to those individuals who have decreased endurance or difficulty standing.



by Creator and Founder SiBok Robert Kassof

Breathe to Believe ™

"The Difference between life and death is Breath™.... So exercise it."
- SiBok Robert Kassof, Creator of Golden Breath, American Tai Chi ™

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