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Golden Breath American Tai Chi™, Inc.
1928 Cottman Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19111

215-745-4047 or 215-783-5459

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Golden Breath™ primary email addresses:

"SiBok" Robert Kassof --

American Tai Chi Association™ --


These are the only teachers and instructors recognized by Golden Breath American Tai Chi™, the American Tai Chi Association™ and Breathe to Believe™. The years indicate when they began their studies of Golden Breath American Tai Chi™.

  Jeff Cohen 1980
  Richard Eckard 1989
  Natalie Savinov 1990
  Pete Bowen 1991
  Grady Ernst 1992
  Dr Beatrice Saltar 1993
  Karen v Green 1993
  Donna Dodaro 1995
  Rev. Rochelle Shakti 1996
  Pat Cairo 1998
  Pat Marrone 1998
  Paul LePera 1998
  Kirsten Irwin 1999
  Kong Ung 1999
  Thomas Cummins 1999
  Pete Quintana 1999
  Lisa Quintana 1999
  Connie Cruise 2000
  Scott Rainey 2000


Instructors, listed alphabetically

Certified teachers may teach Golden Breath at any location. Instructors are Senior Students that may teach Golden Breath at designated locations with SiBok's approval. (Legalese: Golden Breath is not liable for any instructor's teaching.)

Pete Bowen (California) --
Pete Bowen has studied Golden Breath American Tai Chi™ since the mid-1990s. He has worked with people from all walks of life including those with disabilities, sleep disorders, arthritis and high blood pressure and has witnessed the positive results from those who want to feel better both physically and mentally. He has worked for the Glendale Adventist Therapy and Wellness Center, Le Bleu Retirement Home, and also the Providence Saint Joseph’s Occupational Health Center in the Southern California area the past few years.


Pat Cairo (Pennsylvania) --

Volunteer Work: Corresponded in volunteer work for several years in in 5 separate organizations such as Village Prep. and Daniel Boone School for court mandated juveniles, Philadelphia Fight HIV/AIDS, Action AIDS and Siloam Ministries. All received instruction of Tai Chi/controlled breathing exercise. Work Integration: Employed at Friends Hospital and Horizon House for the mentally ill facilities and also "The Bridge" for court mandated juveniles. All have received Tai Chi breathing exercise instruction as an alternative form of therapy. Approved at all the above facilities.


Jeff Cohen (Pennsylvania) --
Studied Oriental Disciplines since about 1980, including Shiatsu, Tai Chi Ch'uan, Ba Gua, Chinese Medical Massage, Taoist Yoga, Chi Gung, and Chinese Gung Fu. Certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Asian Body Therapy. Certified to teach all levels of Golden Breath Tai Chi™ by the American Tai Chi Association™. Earned a Black Sash in Chinese Gung Fu in 1996 from SiBok Robert Kassof, the founder of Golden Breath American Tai Chi™ System.


Rich Eckard (Pennsylvania) --
I have studied Golden Breath American Tai Chi™ since around 1990 under founder Sibok Robert Kassof. I also teach the Sunday Tai Chi class at the Golden Breath™ studio on Cottman Avenue at 2:00 pm. I also instruct the women's self defense class at the same location on Saturdays at 3:00 pm.


Kirsten Erwin (Pennsylvania) --
Studied Tai Chi since 1982, beginning with the Yang style. Other areas of training include Cheng Man-Ching form Tai Chi and Hung Gar Kung Fu. Has had extensive training in Qigong, Reiki, shiatsu, massage therapy and meditation. Former member of Yan Xin Qigong Taiji Performance Troupe. Certified instructor of Dr. Paul Lam's "TaiChi for Arthritis". Founding board member of the Taijiquan Club and member of the American Tai Chi Association.


Karen V. Green (Pennsylvania) --
President of the American Tai Chi Association™ & dedicated student of founder SiBok, Robert Kassof since the mid-1990s. Currently a high senior in class and certified by the ATCA at level 5, allows me to instruct movements up to 50.27 and help beginning students empower their healing energies while practicing GOLDEN BREATH™ with movement. Our humanitarian mission has offered me another opportunity to instruct students for several years at Siloam Ministries. I also lead a Tuesday evening class at the Golden Breath™ headquarters on Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia.


Ron Jablonski (Pennsylvania) --
Practiced Tai Chi since 1993 and studied Golden Breath American Tai Chi™ under Sibok Robert Kassof since 1998. Certified as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and a Gendai Reiki Shihan. Other areas of training include bodymind acupressure and massage therapy. A member of the American Tai Chi Association™ and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.


Lisa LePera-Quintana (Florida) --
Starting at the age of seventeen, I began to practice Golden Breath Tai Chi™. After several years of study I preformed volunteer work by assisting SiBok at Action Aids, Philadelphia Fight, Siloam Ministries and St. Christopher’s Children's Hospital. In 2005 I achieved the raking of high senior student. I instructed classes on Golden Breath Tai Chi™ in Center City Philadelphia for several years. I now live in Florida were I assist SiBok in his classes.


Paul LePera (Florida) --

Studied Golden Breath American Tai Chi™ since 1998, learning exclusively from the founder SiBok Robert Kassof. I am certified by the American Tai Chi Association™ to teach Golden Breath up to movements 50.25.  My experience includes teaching multiple classes per week and volunteering to teach those that are HIV+ at Siloam ministries, Philadelphia Fight, and Action Aids.  Plus I have given multiple demonstrations including at the Veterans Hospital in Philadelphia to those with Parkinson's disease and movement disorders.  I continue my studies in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and look forward to teaching others.


Pat Morrone (Pennsylvania)


Beatrice Salter, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania)


Rochelle Shakti (Pennsylvania) --
Studied Kabbalah under the guidance of Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi, a Hasidic Master, and became the coordinator of his Wisdom School. Her understanding of Native American teachings was enhanced by her studies with Rainbow Hawk Linton, and she has explored mystical teachings with Shokman Winddrum of S.E.E.D. Sanctuary. Rochelle studied for two years at the New Seminary in New York and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 1999. She has been a student of SiBok, Robert Kassof; the fonder of Golden Breath American Tai chi™ for the last nine years in the art of Tai Chi. She has been privileged to become an instructor under SiBok’s tutelage.


Jorge L Quintana Jr. (aka Pete) (Florida) --
I began my studies in the martial arts at the age of ten years old. Through the course of my life I have studied American Kempo and American judo. At the age of twenty one I was fortunate enough to study under the direct teachings of SiBok Robert Kassof. During this period I was trained in the art of Golden Breath Tai Chi™, Golden Breath™ sword style and various internal fighting styles. I have attained the ranking of high senior student in this discipline and have been certified by the American Tai Chi Association™ to instruct classes. I held classes at 6th & Lumbard, Starr Garden, in downtown Philadelphia for several years. I now live in Florida where I continue to work closley with SiBok and aid him in his classes.